Day 24: Fallon in 3 Days

Walking in Nevada US 50Carson City, NV to Fallon, NV is about 60 miles of relatively flat desert along US 50. It is fairly straight to the junction of Alt. Hwy 50 and then it takes a southeast turn and goes straight into Fallon. There is not much traffic once you get out of the Carson City influence, but there is some semi traffic along the two lane highway and you always have to watch out for that. I left Carson City on Tuesday morning and arrived in Fallon on Thursday afternoon. I did three 20 miles days in a row, and it paid off by letting me get to a stopping point for a couple of days It’s amazing how much further 20 miles is than say, 17 or 18. It wants to make you strive for that extra mile or two!

Nevada Mountains Looking BackOnce again, we had a great day of weather. It was about sixty degrees or so, sunny and little or no wind. Yesterday the wind was constant at about 30 mph. It was good at my back, but you really had to watch it or it would blow you into the road. It was a tough day of walking. At the risk of jinxing everything, I’ll just mention that so far, l haven’t seen a drop of rain or a flake of snow. The TV said yesterday morning that Hwy 88 in CA was snowed in and you had to have tire chains to travel across it. We got through just in time!

Thanks to Sage Valley RV Park of Fallon, NV for comping us an RV site for the night. Valda & l are taking Friday off. We have a TV phone-in interview at 5:30 am tomorrow morning, an 11:00 am radio interview and a newspaper interview sometime in the afternoon. So, tomorrow is an off, but busy, day at that. Saturday is our 39th anniversary and l promised Valda a glorious romantic day in the desert. It’s probably not going to turn out exactly the way she’s expecting. Oh well.

Above is another picture of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. By the way, I can no longer see those mountains!

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 343
Money Found: $0.53
Total Found: $17.44