Day 26: Desert Everywhere You Look

Rick Hammersley in Nevada Desert

Rick Hammersley in Nevada Desert

I was told that as soon as I got out of Fallon that the desert would be my constant companion. How right they were. I’m about 15 miles east of Fallon and except for about five miles of irrigated farm fields and pastures, it has been all sand and scrub. It’s pretty though, in its own way, and it takes me closer each day to Coney Island. The next town of any size that l’Il be walking through is Austin, which is about 95 miles away. If you look at a Nevada map, Austin is just about smack dab in the middle of the state. So, it’s a goal and hopefully we’ll be there by Thursday.

Personal to Robert & Mary Kate B of Miami: Thanks so much for matching my “money found” up to 100%. This “Happy Hiker” says a big thank you! Also personal to Jim & Teri T of Everywhere, USA (full time RV’ers): Thank you also for matching my “money found” up to $500.00. Your support is also much appreciated. Personal to Dave & Susie S of Indianapolis: Thank you for your recent contribution to Gateway For Cancer Research. It too is much appreciated!

Again we had a perfect weather day here in Nevada. They have been having a lot of earthquakes in the Reno area, but so far, I haven’t felt any of them. We are about sixty or seventy miles away, but you’d think we would feel at least one of them. As I was walking past this place the other day,  I swear l saw Garth Brooks looking through the window.

I have broadband today, but who knows about tomorrow. We’ll see.

Miles Covered: 20.25
Total Miles: 363.25
Money Found: $0.37
Total Found: $17.81