Day 28: The Shoe Tree

2015-04-02 15 08 27 Closeup of the new Middlegate Shoe Trees along U.S. Route 50 near Middlegate, NevadaMy string of five 20 mile days came to an end today. I felt sluggish all day and just couldn’t seem to get It together. We stopped for the night about a mile east of the “shoe tree“, a large Cottonwood tree that is full of shoes. Legend has it that a long time ago a newlywed couple got into an argument and the wife threw her husband’s shoes up into the tree. Later they reconciled and he threw her shoes into the tree. The tradition continues today and the tree is full of at least a thousand shoes with that many more lying around the bottom of the tree. Those wacky Nevadans. Do they know how to have fun or what? 😉

Met John of Colorado Springs, CO. John is 66 and bicycling from San Francisco to his hometown “because I wanted to”. Works for me, John – keep up the good work.

Once again the weather is clear and dry. It started clouding over in the afternoon and the evening had a breeze and was very pleasant. The terrain was flat and wound around the mountain ranges. If you look at a map of Nevada you’ll see how Hwy 50 snakes its way across the state. It adds a lot of miles, but avoids a lot of climbing. Good for people like me. Tomorrow I’m going to try and start at 7:30 am. We’ll see how that goes 🙂

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 401.25
Money Found: $0.02
Total Found: $18.22