Day 29: Rattlesnakes and Tumbleweeds

Rattlesnakes and tumbleweeds! I really don’t think it was a rattlesnake, but l didn’t get close enough to find out for sure. He was about 4-5′ and slithered away from near the road into the tumbleweeds. He went in a straight line, not a side-winding way that you think rattlesnakes go. Anyway, I fumbled with the camera (on my) phone and by the time I got it out and ready, the snake was gone. I wasn’t going to follow it into weeds. My first snake and he got away. 😦

(similar to what Rick saw!)

(similar to what Rick saw!)

The tumbleweeds were another story. At about 11:00am a strong and steady wind started blowing at my back. The tumbleweeds started crossing the road in front of me and behind me. I almost got hit a couple of times, but didn’t. Some were small, but several were the size of beachballs! Pretty cool, but no pictures of them either.

Again the walk was mostly on flat terrain. It was a cool day and in the afternoon it looked like a fog was descending. It was dust l guess, and hopefully tomorrow will be better. By the evening, l couldn’t see any mountains, and I know they are there. It’s like being in a cloud.

The whole walk has been devoid of wild animals. I’ve seen a lot of birds, hawks, magpies, smaller birds, ducks and one wild turkey. I haven’t seen any deer, elk, bear or cougars. I did see one dead coyote. I thought surely I’d see a deer by now, but no. Oh yeah, and one snake 🙂

Miles Covered: 22.25
Total Miles: 423.5
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $18.22