Day 30: Connected Again (for a moment)

Nevada Desert WalkingOkay, this is going to be brief. Valda and I are sitting about 20 miles West of Austin, NV and we are by the side of the road in a large turn out area surrounded by scrub brush and sand. There are mountains all around. We thought we might get the broadband and we were right, but only a bar and a half. I will catch up on the last 3 days when we get to Austin tomorrow. We plan on taking Friday off (and Saturday) so everything will be caught up by then, just in time for us to head for Eureka and 70 more miles of desert and probably no Internet 😦  We have had cell service though and that is good.

Miles Covered: 19.25
Total Miles: 442.75
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $18.22