Day 42: Brrrr

Cow by RoadsideAs we drove through Ely this morning on the way to the drop-off spot, Valda noticed a sign at a bank that said the temperature was forty degrees. Well, that might have been generous. All I know is that it was cloudy, windy and cold…and that was the best part of the day. It was just miserable weather, but when it’s cold, I must walk faster. By noon l had over 10 miles and ended the day at 19.5. I would have done more, but the wind and cold got the best of me and Valda had made me some hot tea…and I had a new coffee mug to try out.

We are about 11 miles or so Southeast of Ely on Hwy 6, 50 & 93. They all run together for a short while before splitting off. The Utah border is about 40 miles away and hopefully we will take a picture of the welcome sign in a couple of days.

Our day off was great and just what the old dogs needed. We had a couple of good meals in real restaurants and even got a cup of McDonald’s coffee (a rarity in these parts). We are still surrounded by mountains and have a fierce looking group of them directly in front of us. Guess tomorrow I’ll see first hand how fierce they are.

Miles Covered: 19.5
Total Miles: 632
Money Found: $0.10
Total Found: $18.94