Day 43: Utah is in Sight!

I guess the wind must be just right because we are miles from Ely and more miles from anywhere else and I still got the broadband signal, although very weak. Valda and I moved a bit closer to Utah today and should be there on Thursday. I must have miss-calculated somewhere because I thought we would be there tomorrow, but it is still about 32 miles or so away.

Rick Hammersley with Vincent Yu of Taiwan.

We met a new friend today, Vincent Yu of Taiwan. He rode his bicycle by me today and we chatted for about a quarter mile. He is riding around the world 😮  I thought was doing something extreme! Anyway, it was good meeting Vincent and our good wishes to him for a safe trip.

After Vincent left, I resumed walking and came upon a small intersection where I immediately spied a couple of pennies. After looking around for a minute or two, I had picked up 12 of the elusive critters. So I called Valda and asked her to come up and check out the intersection. I had walking to do. When I last looked back, she was bent over picking up something and she caught up with me she told me she had found 21 of them. So, in a few minutes, we picked up 33 pennies in an area where I hadn’t seen hardly any coins in two weeks. Oh yeah, I later found a quarter! So all you people out there who have been thinking about matching my “money found” fund, stop thinking about it and get your name on the list! You can set a limit if you want, we don’t care. Just do it and help us help Gateway for Cancer Research. It’s a great cause.

The mountain picture (with Vincent Yu) is what we are looking at out our window tonight. Some view huh?

Miles Covered: 20.5
Total Miles: 652.5
Money Found: $0.58
Total Found: $19.52