Day 54: Small Towns & Aprons

Big Trucks on HighwayWell, we’ve made it to Nephi and I can honestly say that I’m just tickled pink about it. The road over from Lynndyl was a decent road, but the traffic on it was horrendous. First there were cement carriers to and from a cement plant and then today there were all the weekend warriors heading to the hills with their ATV’s behind their RV’s. Man was the road crowded.

We went through the little burg of Leamington, UT and met the post master, Eva Neilsen. She is married to the mayor and gave Valda a good video interview and a history of the small town. Many thanks to her and her son Kade.

We had snow/rain/sleet/hail yesterday evening and in fact it didn’t stop doing something outside until up into the night. This morning though, it was nice and clear and after walking two hours, it was overcast as could be. It didn’t do anything though until after dinner and it has been raining for the last couple of hours.

Tomorrow we head for Payson and then Spanish Fork. Hope to be there by Tuesday. Also, our son Chris is flying in on Wednesday PM and will be with us a few days. I hope he recognizes us.

Personal to Mary K of Miami (and anyone else who was wondering): No, when I walk in the cold and rain, I do not wear an 8′ apron and then switch to a 1′ apron. I’m referring to the side of the road, more commonly called the shoulder 😀  The road from Delta started out with an 8′ apron (shoulder) on both sides of the road and then it narrowed down to 1′ on both sides. It was just too narrow to walk in the rain. I stopped wearing aprons when I got out of the Army 😝

Miles covered: 17.5
Total Miles: 829
Money Found: $0.26
Total Found: $21.83