Day 57: In the Mountains Again

Utah HillsWe finally made it to Spanish Fork, just below Provo, UT. The mountains are all around us and most of them have snow all over the peaks. Tomorrow, I start walking through them on US 6, heading southeast toward Price. Eventually I’ll connect with US 191 and go northeast and connect to US 40 and then I’ll have Colorado firmly in my sights. I can’t believe I’m just about half way through Utah. 🤗

I had another newspaper interview today with Janice of the Provo Daily Herald. She spent about an hour and a half with me and then Mark, the photographer walked about a mile with me, snapping pictures and shooting video. Many thanks to them.

Chris arrives tomorrow to resume filming me walking. I would think that would get boring for him, but I guess not.😏  Hopefully the end product won’t be just of me walking and nothing else. I guess if I keep losing weight that by the end of the movie I might not be in the picture. 😝

Miles Covered: 17.75
Total Miles: 866
Money Found: $1.45
Total Found: $23.85