Day 64: Excitement All Around!

Wow, what a day. The hike (yesterday) itself was uneventful, but today was a different story.

Overturned Car in UtahWe picked up the hike and had gone about six miles when a grey/whitish car passed me going the same way I was. Now I don’t remember this particular car passing me, but about one minute later I rounded a curve around a huge rock and the car was off the road and on its roof. I thought it was a farmer’s truck down in his field, but as I got closer I could tell it was the back end of a car where it shouldn’t be. I walked over and the driver was standing there, looking quite dazed. He said he fell asleep and he is lucky to be alive. He lost his shoe and cell phone and he later told me he didn’t have a driver’s license. I called Valda and she came up and called 911 and about twenty minutes later the police arrived. We gave him a bottle of water and offered him food but he said he was okay. He didn’t want an ambulance. His name was Scott and I really hope his day got better as it went along, but I doubt it did.

We made it to Duchesne and are now ten miles east of the town. We are staying in the driveway of a lady who lives on US 40. I knocked on her door and asked her if we could park here. She had a bad case of laryngitis and she may have said no, but I couldn’t tell, so here we are. 😀

Personal to Wayne R of Salt Lake City who stopped me today and gave me a cash donation to Gateway. It is much appreciated!

The picture below is of poor Scott’s car. By the way, Valda takes most of the pictures I put on the blog. Doesn’t she do a good job? 😀

Miles Covered: 20.25
Total Miles: 945.75
Money Found: $0.37
Total Found: $27.16