Day 65: Rain or Shine…

Where do I begin? Today, we woke up to rain. It had actually rained off and on all night but I started out in it around 8:00 AM and didn’t get too wet considering. The road was fairly wide and I just turned my back to the big rigs that throw spray all over you. I have complete rain gear and stay as dry as if it was sunny. ๐Ÿ˜€

The weather around here hasn’t been too good lately. I’m glad I made it over Indian Canyon Summit in the sunshine though. The terrain from Duchesne to Vernal has been and will continue to be flat for the most part. There are some strange-looking rock formations I’ll pass as I go on toward Colorado. Beyond Dinosaur, it’s anybody’s guess. I do know that I’m glad I’m not walking from Dinosaur to Grand Junction. It is a narrow road, poorly maintained, and goes up a summit that rivals Indian Canyon. It was nice to actually go over one of these in a vehicle.

At Noon, Valda started the generator and flipped on the microwave. Bad idea.ย ๐Ÿ’€ย  The generator died and would not restart no matter what I did. I don’t think the generator problem will be too severe, just time-consuming. And, it seems that any time something happens, we have to drive 400 miles round a trip to get it fixed. I’m glad Onan isn’t a sponsor – I think it would be pretty hard for me to endorse their product. I guess it’s all part of the game.

Miles Covered: 12.75 (in rain)
Total Miles: 978.5
Money Found: $0.75
Total Found: $28.74