Day 72: Prairie Dogs Galore

Rick in ColoradoWell, so far in Western Colorado we’ve had rather unique scenery. The terrain has been mostly rolling hills with a lot of flat land in between. The flat part is full of scrub bushes and little else. This part of Colorado sort of reminds me of Southern Kentucky around Bowling Green or Southern Indiana along I-64 between Louisville and Evansville. I’ve seen no wildlife except for prairie dogs. They are everywhere. They sometimes dig their holes right next to the roadbed and they chirp at each other as I walk by. Their communication system works better than mine. 😝

We are in the little wide-spot of Elk Springs, CO. We are trying to get to Maybell where we’ve heard they have a little park where we can take on water and dump tanks. That’ll be nice. We’ll probably make Craig in about three days and then I’ll get a day off. These 20+ mile days are beginning to get to me.

The weather was good today, sunny mostly with a stiff breeze. No bugs. There hasn’t been much money to find in Colorado, and after the good luck I had in Utah, it was like someone turned off a switch.

Miles Covered: 20.75
Total Miles: 1,076
Money Found: $0.11
Total Found: $35.56