Day 73: Up One Hill, Down Another

Well, another day has come and gone, another 20 miles is behind me and I am now 55 miles into Colorado. I caught my first glimpse of the Rockies today – they are still too far away to impress me, but I know that’ll change. The walk today was over undulating hills and I mean to tell you, I’m one tired puppy. It will stay that way until Maybell at least (Valda & I drove into Maybell this afternoon) and after that, who knows?

The particular area we are in right now was part of the largest wildfire in Colorado’s history. Back in 1988, this whole area burned. I don’t know what was here, scrub probably, but it has been planted in grass and reminds me of the prairies of North & South Dakota. There are mountains in the far distance and of course, those persistent up and down hills are all over the place.

We are going on to Craig and should be there Saturday. I’m taking Sunday off and if there is any hint of rain on Monday, I’m taking it off too.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,096
Money Found: $0.02
Total Found: $35.58