Day 79: Rabbit Ears, then Muddy Creek

Rocky MountainsWe are currently sitting somewhere on Rabbit Ears Pass, still about three miles from the summit. I have been walking uphill for the last 5.5 miles and after we pass over the summit, we have a fairly flat ten or eleven mile walk to Highway 14. The views from everywhere along this road are just incredible.

Steamboat Springs is now behind us and we made it through the neat town just fine. We had another interesting thing happen to us in Steamboat. A few days ago, we went through the small town of Maybell (home of the International Dog Show). We met a lady there who was with a friend whose dog was in the show. Susan S. lives in Steamboat and told Valda that when we passed through if we needed anything to call her. Valda called her today to say hello and got her voicemail. We continued on through the town and on the south end, Valda pulled into the parking lot of Haymaker Public Golf Course to wait on me to arrive for lunch. Being dutiful, she started toward  the clubhouse to see if it was okay to park in their lot for a couple of hours. As she was walking toward the building, she heard her name and it was Susan who just happened to be at the same place. She invited us for lunch and we had a great hour or so visiting with her and her friend Bridget M. Thanks for lunch Susan, and it was good getting to know both of you!

Yesterday I avoided another close call of sorts. Just as we ended the 20th mile of walking, I crossed the road and was walking up to the RV. Now, normally I wait until I get to the RV and then cross over to it. Anyway, I was walking the last hundred feet or so and a bicyclist on the side I just left flipped over his bike right across from me. I don’t know if I would have been in the middle of that or not, but it makes you wonder. He was okay, just a sore ego.

I met the nicest Colorado State Trooper today. Scott E. patrols Rabbit Ears Pass and he stopped to see if I needed anything. He noticed I didn’t have a backpack and wondered how I was going to spend the night. Valda then drove up and I showed him our palace. He gave us some road info and told us to camp anywhere we wanted to. I really appreciated his help.

The pictures below are of the scenery we’ve been seeing all day, the Haymaker Golf Course sign, and the view of the sky that we were treated to about a half hour ago.

Miles Covered: 16
Total Miles: 1,185.25
Money Found: $1.92
Total Found: $38.93