Day 80: Atlantic Watershed

Continental DivideI crossed the Continental Divide today and by all that I ever learned in school about our geography, I should be walking downhill until I reach Pennsylvania. But, I’m not betting on it. 😜

Actually, I only have one more pass to walk over, Cameron Pass on Hwy 14 just north of RMNP.  It misses the Divide by less than ten miles. It is over 10,000′ high though and that makes it the highest pass I will cross.

RabbitEarsPassWe finally made it over Rabbit Ears. This picture is of Rabbit Ears Peak where the summit name comes from. The peak is about two miles north of the highway and I’m glad I didn’t have to walk over it. We are now on Hwy 14 and in a couple of days will be near Gould. It is then about 80 miles of mountains to Ft. Collins and then the prairie states. The terrain I’m in now is mostly gently rolling hills and the mountains I just walked over have disappeared. The altitude is around 8000′ and I can sure tell it when walking.

Nothing exciting happened today. Valda thought she saw a bobcat, but I think it was probably just a rabbit or something like that. She sat on the hood of the RV for close to a half hour with the camera, but her bobcat never materialized.

Personal to Susan S of Steamboat Springs: I forgot to thank you yesterday for your donation to Gateway For Cancer Research. My apologies. It is much appreciated!

Miles Covered: 18.5
Total Miles: 1,203.75
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $38.93