Day 90: Summer Heat is Upon Us!

The last blog I told you about walking out of the mountains and essentially onto the plains. Well, today the heat, humidity, and haze caught up with me. This is the first time since we started the walk that the haze has obscured the horizon. I was about 5 miles east of Ft. Collins on Hwy 14 and turned around to look at the mountains and they weren’t there. The haze was so thick it made the mountains disappear. No fear though, later they reappeared. It was in the 90’s today, and I have no idea what the humidity was, but the mosquitoes still did not bother me.

I walked 19.5 miles today and am currently about 12 miles east of Ft. Collins. The terrain is definitely farm fields and pastures. The stench of pig farms also graces the air.  We will go to Ault and turn south on US 85 and head to Greeley. I hope to be real close to Greeley by the end of the day tomorrow.

Chris will be here tomorrow evening.  More later.

Miles Covered: 19.5
Total Miles: 1,339.25
Money Found: $2.20
Total Found: $43.88