Day 91: Bodega Bay + 3 Months

Gazing out at RockiesThree months ago this morning, I stepped off the jetty in Bodega Bay and started my journey East. Except for a few days off, I have yet to stop walking. I am in my 4th state, and have walked over 1,300 miles! It still seems surreal.🙃 It is amazing to me that the road I’m walking on now directly connects to that jetty in Bodega Bay and will eventually connect to the road leading into Coney Island. 😁

We are currently on US 34 about three miles east of US 85 on the east side of Greeley, CO. The mountains are about 30 miles West of me and since they are now at my back, have quickly become a distant, although nice, memory. I’ve changed my walking routine (again) to take advantage of the cool mornings. I now start walking at 7:00 am and walk to 11:00 am. I try to walk at least 11 miles. Then I take two hours off and resume walking around 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. I try to do 6 miles during this stretch. Then, after a four hour break during the day’s heat, I walk the last 3 miles after 7:00 pm. I did this today and it worked out very well.

Thanks to Mike M. of Greeley for information he gave us today. Mike is a Standby Sam (Good Sam Club).

Chris is here and will walk and film with me tomorrow!

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,359.25
Money Found: $2.17
Total Found: $46.05