Day 96: Tryin’ Again

After two separate times of writing my blog and loosing it into cyberspace, I am going to try one more time. Yesterday’s blog posting reflected my frustration and after a day of getting over it, I am confident today’s will be fine. Chris said it wasn’t the website – he didn’t come out and say it was an ISTO (instrument smarter than operator) problem, but I can read between the lines, even if those lines are spoken.

Pronghorn in ColoradoToday was much like the previous several days. The terrain is mostly flat to moderately rolling hills, the weather is hot (104 yesterday), and the road just keeps on going. We are in Akron, CO and I believe we are about 70 miles from the Nebraska line. I’m making pretty good time considering the temperature, and should be in Nebraska by Thursday. 😀

Not too much to look at around here, just the occasional cattle feed lot. The lots have a nasty way of announcing themselves way before you get to them. Oh well, the sweet smell of money. Chris left this morning for Seattle. He was here four days and did a lot of filming. We spent last Thursday in Rocky Mountain National Park and visited the dude ranch that Valda’s grandparents used to own. It was a nice day off for me and was sort of neat seeing the road not taken (US 34 in RMNP). I’m glad I went Hwy 14 down the Poudre Canyon.

My two brothers Don and Ron have come and gone. They are on their way back to Indiana and I’m sure they’ll have a lot of stories to tell. I actually got both of them to walk with me today, but alas, no picture proof except for video. I’m sure they both will pad the miles they walked, but I know the truth. It was good seeing them.

I want to thank Iva Kay Horner of the Brush News-Tribune for a great interview yesterday. It will be in the paper on Wednesday and Chris should have it on the Media Page a few days later. Look for it.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,435.75
Money Found: $0.81
Total Found: $50.50