Day 97: A Strange Place for Me

ShennanigansSomebody emailed me and wondered if it was me in the picture by the gate. Yes that’s me and my orange cowboy hat. Sometime this week I entered a zone I haven’t been in since 1969 or 1970. I weighed myself a few minutes ago and tipped the scales for the first time in decades at under 200 pounds…well under. So far I have lost 39 pounds and I’m pretty sure I’ll lose some more. I am hoping to hit 175. None of my clothes fit, and I have to cinch up my walking shorts till it about chokes me at the waist or they fall down. Valda has started buying me some smaller clothes but I’m sure none of my good clothes that I left in the other RV will fit. Ain’t it great?

It was a pretty easy day today. I walked 11 miles this morning, 6 this afternoon and finished up with 3 more this evening. For the most part, they were all twenty-minute miles or maybe twenty-one. The terrain is still pretty much like its been and the weather is mostly hot, but today was overcast with a wind, so it was much more tolerable. No bugs either. The cattle pastures have turned to wheat fields and some corn fields. We saw several people on combines driving on the county roads to some wheat field, but I didn’t actually see any in the fields. The wheat looks like it’s ready to be harvested.

Yeehaw at Rockin E RanchWe are at a roadside park in Otis, CO and tomorrow we head to Yuma and beyond. Should be in Nebraska on Thursday, then it’s 212 miles to Hastings, NE where we will hook up with friends and daughter Syndi and family. Can’t wait to see them! 😀 I’ll also have my mid-year check up at the VA in Grand Island. They are planning on doing some sort of media coverage with me to help inspire other people who are fighting diabetes or cancer.

Thanks to those who matched my ‘money found’ up to $50.00. Your contribution to Gateway For Cancer Research is very much appreciated. I hope you had fun following the amount as it grew and approached your cap. Please continue to follow it as I head toward $100.00. Many thanks!

The pictures above were taken at the Buckhorn Mtn. Camp near Ft. Collins. That’s a tractor that Valda’s grandpa used to own (Valda learned to drive on this tractor – can you see all the dents)?

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,455.75
Money Found: $0.62
Total Found: $51.12