Day 107: 100 Miles to Halfway!

It’s hard to believe that in five days, in Hastings, NE that I’ll be halfway done with my Walk Across America. Looking back, I just don’t know where the time spent on the Walk has gone. It just seems like I left that jetty yesterday in California and now here we are sharing the road with the farmers. Pretty soon, I imagine I’ll be waving at the Amish in Pennsylvania. I’ve said before it seems surreal, and it really does. It’s amazing what getting up and walking 17-20 miles a day and stringing a hundred days in a row will get you.

We are now in Cambridge, NE and taking a day off. Last night I could not get the broadband to pull up the website, but this morning it is slow, but working so far. I will try to blog again tomorrow night because the blogs have been few and far between this past week. You’d think that in this ‘flat’ part of the country that the cell service would be just fine, but that’s not the case. It’s almost as bad as in the mountains. I know we will have it in Hastings, I’m just not sure about the next 100 miles.

It looks like rain today and hopefully a little cooler. It doesn’t matter though, we have the A/C on. We’ll leave Cambridge tomorrow morning and head further east. The miles seem to just flow by – how curious. 🙂

Miles Covered: 19
Total Miles: 1,612.25
Money Found: $0.56
Total Found: $55.31