Day 108: Parked by the Cornfields

Fields of NebraskaWe are parked beside the cornfields in Central Nebraska, looking out over the fields at lights that come and go. We think it is probably some farmer in his field, doing whatever they do after dark. We are about six miles east of Arapaho, NE and about two miles from the little town of Edison, population 154. We have broadband – go figure.

Tomorrow we should get real close to Holdrege. Just east of that town, there is an NTV affiliate and we have a live interview scheduled with them on Monday morning. The NTV stands for Nebraska TV, and we thought it was a PBS station, but we got an email from a friend in Hastings that stated it was an ABC affiliate, so we aren’t sure. Guess we’ll find out on Monday.Corn Rows Nebraska

Nothing happened today. I walked 20 miles, found a little money, found an ear of sweet corn on the side of the road and ate it for supper. The weather was a lot cooler today, only in the eighties but it was muggy all day. I’ve been deluged by grasshoppers for the last two weeks. They are in the grass by the road and jump all over the place when I walk by. They don’t bother me, but they are a pain to walk through. We also saw our first lightning bugs a couple of nights ago, in McCook. It’s strange we haven’t seen them before then.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,632.25
Money Found: $0.76
Total Found: $56.07