Day 110: Hot Afternoons

Cattle Call in NebraskaWe are currently near Axtell, NE and that’s where I have a live TV interview tomorrow morning. More later on this subject. It was pretty hot today and I didn’t walk in the afternoon, choosing instead to sit in the A/C and walking a little further in the evening. I have three more days to get to Hastings and it is only 45 miles, so the next three days I may slack off a bit.

Personal to Dennis S. from Illinois for his personal donation to us for gasoline expenses. Many thanks for your help, it is much appreciated! Also personal to Len & Carol S., currently of Peoria, IL for their 100% match for my “money found”. Many thanks to you also and it too is much appreciated!

Valda & I are working on a couple of fund raising events that will take place in the Indianapolis area when we reach there. Check out the August newsletter for more info on these events.

Miles Covered: 15
Total Miles: 1,667.25
Money Found: $0.22
Total Found: $56.29