Day 111: Another Coincidence?

I had my big interview today and by listening to what others say, it went pretty good. I want to thank NTV, the ABC affiliate in Kearney, NE for their interest and the opportunity.

Something happened this morning that fits right in with some of the stories I’ve related over the past few months concerning unexplained coincidences. I did the interview with Leslie Means at the TV station and then another reporter, Chris Neyenhouse did an interview inside the RV for broadcast later in the day. Chris said he hadn’t been in Nebraska too long and I asked him where he was from. He was from Plattsburgh, NY. Now Plattsburgh has a population of around 20,000 people and Valda & I know exactly one of those people, Linda N. – guess who Chris knew? Yep, he knew Linda and said his mom and Linda taught at the same school. Now what’s the odds of that happening? Chris moved to the Axtell, NE area (population 204) at about the same time I started my walk. I’ve thought about this all day and I just can’t figure out how something like this happens.

I emailed Vincent Yu yesterday and got a response from his wife in Taiwan. Seems Vincent is somewhere in Poland and has very spotty internet access. His wife said he is doing well and getting along okay. She will pass my message along to him via phone.

Personal to Mick M. of Highland Park, IL. Thanks for matching my ‘money found’ up to 100%. It is very much appreciated!

We are in Minden, NE at the present and about 30 miles from Hastings. As I was walking today I remembered walking into and out of Minden, Nevada a couple of months ago. I wonder how many people in the world have walked from Minden, Nevada to Minden, Nebraska before? Strange things I think about while walking in the heat. 🙃

Miles Covered: 15
Total Miles: 1,682.25
Money Found: $0.01
Total Found: $56.30