Day 116: Walking with the Relatives Pt 2

The days off in Hastings are quickly drawing to a close. Valda & I have spent the last three days with Syndi, Trace, Nic and Jude. We’ve gone swimming at Hasting’s fabulous water park, swam at Hasting Campground’s pool, and swam at friend’s Don & Mary B’s pool. We’ve gone out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We went to the Adam’s County Fair and visited the Hasting’s Museum, and saw a dinosaur film at the Lied IMAX theater. We all had a good visit and it was good for Valda & me to see the kids.

Something else we did this morning was walk a few miles together. It was something that the grandkids have talked about for weeks and they did a pretty good job of keeping up with Grandpa. Jude (age 3) walked about 3/4 mile and Nic (age 8) walked about 3 miles. I think they both got a good sense of what I’m doing.

I’ve got a lot of people to thank here in Hastings and will as soon as I get it all compiled. Check out the pictures.

Miles Covered: 4
Total Miles: 1,715.25
Money Found: $0.34
Total Found: $56.98