Day 127: More of the Same…

Today was very much like yesterday. The weather was good, cool (80’s) and cloudy with a touch of a breeze. Nice walking weather. We are currently about a quarter mile east of New Market, IA. We got through walking at 6:00pm this evening and ended up with 20 miles for the day. Tomorrow we head for Bedford and beyond.

The days are beginning to shorten and where we once could start walking at 6:00 AM, now it is dark. I’ve noticed that the end of the day is coming a little earlier too and I’ll just have to wait till we get into Eastern Standard Time to rectify that for a while.

We went through Clarinda, Iowa today and it is famous for being the birthplace of Glenn Miller. Now when I was in the Ft. Morgan, CO area, they boasted it as the childhood home of Glenn Miller. Isn’t it strange that in a month and a half I’ve walked through two towns associated with Glenn Miller. I wonder where he spent his teen years. See the picture of his birthplace home.

Not too much happened today. I’m still looking for evidence of something in the fields other than corn and soybeans. I’ll let you know. Things are progressing on the Sep. 6 Monument Circle walk ten laps for Gateway For Cancer Research. The Bowl-o-thon is shaping up also and we are expecting a great turnout for each event. We just have to be in Indianapolis by the Sep. 5. No rest for the weary.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 1,913
Money Found: $0.02
Total Found: $58.54