Day 152: A Promise Fulfilled

4 of 5 Hammersley BrothersAbout a year and a half ago, after seeing my tentative walking route, my brother Ron told me that when I got to western Indiana that he would buy me a steak dinner at The Beefhouse Steakhouse in Covington, Indiana. Tonight, he came through with his promise and although I didn’t have a steak, I had a great meal at his expense. Thank you Ron, Valda & I both enjoyed the dinner and the company of you and Ande’, Don & Pam, and Scott & Brenda. We both appreciate you all taking time to drive the 100 miles or so to see us.

I had a pretty good day walking. I got my 20 miles in and then had to hurry and clean up and drive from Muncie, IL to Covington, about 23 miles. I have been planning on getting into Indiana tomorrow sometime, and it’s going to be close. I believe I’m right at 20 miles from the state line, but US 150 and US 136 join up and do some funny things in Danville and I may waste some miles walking north and not make the state line. I’ll let you know in tomorrow’s blog.

The events in Indianapolis next weekend are pretty much set. The ‘Walk 10 laps for Cancer Research’ is set for 8:00 AM on Monument Circle (come rain or shine, Gustav), and the Bowl-o-thon is set for later in the day between 2:00 and 5:00 PM at the Beech Grove Bowl. By the way, there will be a fire engine from the Beech Grove Fire Dept. at the B.G. Bowl for the kids. There will also be some items raffled off and of course, there will be bowling, pizza, and drinks. Then on Monday night in Carmel, I will be speaking at a Xocai meeting at the Ritz-Charles Hotel on N. Meridian St at 7:00 PM. All these events are fund raisers for Gateway For Cancer Research and any donations to Gateway are tax deductible. There will also be another raffle held on Monday night. All three events are shaping up to be a fun time so plan on attending one, two, or all three.

Had I been one day ahead in my schedule, I would have walked in four states in August. Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois were all part of the month, and I missed Indiana by one day. I think that’s pretty good myself. When I get to eastern Ohio and go through W. Virginia and into Pennsylvania, I plan on being in three states in one day. Won’t that be a hoot if that happens.

The pictures are of me, Scott, Ron, & Don. Yesterday I walked through the University of Illinois main campus at Urbana, IL. The middle picture is of the President’s Walk (note my skinny shadow). The bottom picture is a structure I ran across today. I think it might have been some kind of silo, but I’m not sure. It was next to some abandoned train tracks and could have had something to do with the railroad. It was out in the middle of nowhere.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,335
Money Found: $0.63
Total Found: $67.20