Illinois Stats!

Rick Walks Illinois

The walk through Illinois was pretty brief compared to other states. I took only one day off and zipped through the state on a pretty good clip. Part of the reason was I had to be in Indianapolis on a specific date and had no choice. The state was typical of the plain states, corn, corn and maybe a bean field now and then. The roads I walked were not the greatest, but I got through cleanly and that’s what counts. I was joined by several guest walkers and enjoyed all of those occasions. The people were friendly as they have been all along the journey. Had some good meals and good corn on the cob. I wandered with a purpose and enjoyed every minute.

Here are the stats from my walk through Illinois:

  • Miles Walked: 229.25
  • Average Miles per Day: 19
  • Total Miles Walked: 2,355
  • % of Walk Completed: 73%
  • Days Walked: 12
  • Days Off: 1
  • Money Found: $5.99
  • Average Money Found per Day: $0.50
  • Average Money Found per Mile: $0.025
  • Number of Counties Walked Through: 10 (Hancock, McDonough, Fulton, Mason, Logan, McLean, DeWitt, Piatt, Champaign & Vermillion)
  • State Highways: 0
  • US Highways: 2
  • County Highways: 2
  • Major Bridges Crossed: 2 (Mississippi River and Illinois River)
  • Most Unusual Find: Child’s slinky toy