Indiana Stats!

Rick Hammersley Walks IndianaIndiana was a homecoming for me. It was great to get into the state and see several friends and relatives in the Indy area. As always, the people are what makes a place memorable. The visit was exhausting, but all too brief. Thanks again to all of you who supported Valda & me in our various fundraisers. Now it is on to points East!

Here are the stats on my walk through Indiana:

  • Miles Walked: 154.5
  • Average Miles per Day: 19.25
  • Total Miles Walked: 2,509.5
  • % of Walk Completed: 78%
  • Days Walked: 8
  • Days Off: 4
  • Money Found: $3.67
  • Average Money Found per Day: $0.46
  • Average Money Found per Mile: $0.025
  • Number of Counties Walked Through: 9 (Vermillion, Fountain, Montgomery, Boone, Hendricks, Marion, Hancock, Henry, Wayne)
  • State Highways: 0
  • US Highways: 2
  • County Highways: 0
  • Major Bridges Crossed: 1 (Wabash River)
  • Most Unusual Find: Jeff Gordon #24 Nascar toy Hotwheels car

Note: Finding these cars is not unusual in its own right, but they are always #8 and #20 cars and I just kick them out of the way. Finding a #24 is highly unusual, thus it is a winner.