Day 171: Do You Know What a Buckeye Is?

0919081112I had an old friend ask me the question in the title of this blog this evening and I told him that I knew the accepted answer, but not his answer. He told me his answer, and it was much different than mine. Anyway, we are very near Columbus – Buckeye country. By the looks of flags on cars and in people’s yards, the OSU football program is a big deal around here. Valda & I were in a restaurant yesterday and all they had was Ohio State this and that. I wanted to ask the lady at the check out why they didn’t have anything from U. of Dayton, or Xavier, or Cincinnati, but I thought better of it and kept quiet.

Ohio Crop FieldI talked to my brother Don tonight and he said we had @ 618 miles left to walk, give or take a couple. That’s going to put us right around 3200 + miles for the total, not the 3700 that I originally thought going into the walk. The program I used to figure the route had me doing some funny things here and there, but it shouldn’t have been off 500 miles. But I’m glad it was. The splash in the Atlantic is set for Nov. 2, and it looks like I’ll probably be there for it – on time!

The walk today went well. We were in farm country again, mostly corn and beans. I walked through three or four small towns and am currently 4 miles east of West Jefferson, Ohio, about 10 miles or so from downtown, according to all the maps we’ve looked at.Ohio Windmills I should be through town tomorrow and hope to be near where I-270 crosses US 40 on the east side of the city. We will hook up with that old friend from above and have dinner with him tomorrow night. He asked me what I liked to eat and I told him nothing experimental or anything with tofu or anything like tofu. I think we’ll be fine.

The guy who owns this farm has the right idea. He actually had six of these going just as fast as they could go.

Miles Covered: 20
Total Miles: 2,597.25
Money Found: $0.22
Total Found: $72.71