Day 170: Taking a Break

Rick and Val Hammersley in OhioI guess things are not etched in stone and thank goodness for that. We were planning on walking through Friday and taking Saturday off in the Columbus area, but then we saw where Ohio State was playing a home football game and we decided there would probably be no campsites available. So, we took Thursday off and stayed at the Tomorrow’s Stars Resort RV park in South Charleston, OH instead. I want to thank manager Rita for comping us a night and letting us catch our breath.

I’m going to try to string together another nine or ten days of walking. We have a long way to go and a short time to get there (apologies to Jerry Reed), and I don’t want to end up 50 or 60 miles away when I’m supposed to be in Manhattan. So, I will be walking with limited days off until I’m sure I’ll make it okay.

I have just started realizing how expensive a trip to NYC for our final two days will be for anyone who plans to attend. If you decide not to come to NY for the final mile, I will be the first in line to support your decision. I just didn’t know how expensive hotels/motels were in that area. So, if you said you would be there and are having second thoughts, I completely understand. In this economy, who knows what’s going to happen. Thanks for your support, and if it works out and you are comfortable in being there, I’ll see you then.