Day 174: Houses with Stars

Rick Hammersley Walking with Mike AltoffToday we got up and hit the road again. We are currently in Amsterdam, OH, a really small town about 35 miles east of Columbus. Tomorrow we will be in Zanesville. The terrain has gotten hilly and I was told it would stay this way from now on. Oh well, it isn’t Colorado at least.

I got an email from Tillie M. from Columbus, OH today and she shed some light on the stars that I’ve been seeing on the front of houses. She said they are of German and Dutch origin and are placed on houses, barns, and even outhouses to ward off evil spirits while welcoming visitors. The Amish are of German decent and use the star symbol quite often. Thanks Tilllie for this information on the stars and if you have an answer you want to share, please leave a comment on a blog so everyone can see it.

Mike A. and Kay B. showed up this evening on their motorcycles and I actually got Mike to walk a bit with me. He earned his bookmark. Kay earned hers yesterday. Thanks to you both. By the way, Valda thanks you for the Wal-Mart card. It is much appreciated.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 2,642.75
Correction from 9.18.08: +0.5 mile
Corrected Total Miles: 2,643.25
Money Found: $0.22
Total Found: $74.52