Day 175: Sick Day

Today I was tuckered out and actually was sick most of the day. I did my afternoon leg and laid down and didn’t get up till this morning. I had a 101 degree fever and felt like I was getting the flu.

I just found out that NYC is hosting another great event on the same day it is hosting my ‘splash in the Atlantic’ to signify the end of my walk. The other event is the NYC Marathon. What timing. Chris is checking out their route and the time they start. The good thing is we should only have around 11 miles to walk that day so we can set our start time to pretty much whatever we want. Hopefully we won’t all meet on the Brooklyn Bridge, going two different directions at the same time. Oh well.


Miles Covered: 15.25
Total Miles: 2,658.5
Money Found: $0.13
Total Miles: $74.65