Day 181: Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s Amore!

Old TruckWe’re in the man’s home town. I saw a Bill Geist story on Steubenville on CBS Sunday Morning a few months back, and they go all out for their famous son (on his birthday, I imagine). I think there is a big mural of Dean’o on a wall somewhere and probably a statue somewhere. Hopefully we will get to see all that.

Ronnie showed up this evening and tomorrow we will attempt to walk in three states in one day – no small feat I’ll have you know. Anyway we will start out about 3 miles from the Ohio River and cross it and then scoot across W. Virginia and cross into Pennsylvania – all before lunch if we’re lucky. We’ll see.

Today was a day that had a lot of things working against me. We were walking US 22 starting out in Cadiz and it was a scrawny two lane road with no shoulder and then suddenly it went to four lanes with an 8′ wide shoulder and rumble strips. Now, for a walker, it doesn’t get any better than that. Anyway I crossed from Harrison County to Jefferson County and presto, I can no longer walk on that road – no pedestrians, animals, or farm equipment allowed. No warning, no signs, no nothing. We found this all out in Zanesville at the Ohio Highway Patrol, but I didn’t believe them. So, we had to scramble to find an alternate route and we did, taking Co. Rd. 22A which was the old US 22 and meandering through the area until we got to where we wanted. Ohio HaystacksPennsylvania looks to be a trouble spot in places too, and I’ve got my navigator/route planner back in Indy working overtime to come up with some alternate routes. So far he has me going all over the place in Pittsburgh and has added 23 miles or so to my walk. But, if that’s what it takes.

Good weather today, nice and sunny, but cool. Tomorrow it is supposed to be much the same and the weather man said sometime later this week that it should only get into the 60’s. Great walking weather, but a bit nippy early on.

Pictures show some of the area scenery and the bottom picture shows me with my rain gear.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 2,749.5
Money Found: $0.67
Total Found: $76.98