Day 182: A Trifecta of Sorts

Welcome to West Virginia Rick HammersleyToday I hit the trifecta I’ve been talking about for a while. My brother Ron and I walked from Ohio through West Virginia into Pennsylvania – all in one day! It was a pretty neat thing to do and now there are two Hammersley brothers who have walked across at least one state. I am currently in a small town named Florence and tomorrow I head to Pittsburgh.

About the walk today, Ron & I walked about 5 miles through Steubenville and crossed over a narrow, narrow, narrow bridge with a closed sidewalk. We skirted around the barrier and walked the sidewalk because the bridge was so narrow. After crossing the Ohio River on this narrow bridge, we were in West Virginia. Ron Hammersley on West Virginia BridgeThe road was pretty rough and with little or no shoulder but we made our way into Weirton and after our chauffeur got lost and we straightened her out, we continued on toward Pennsylvania. We walked about 6.5 miles or so in WV and then it was a small left turn and a slight downhill and a change in the color of the road and we were in PA. Now, most states have a ‘Welcome to …’ sign, but PA doesn’t on this particular road, so when you look at the picture below, look at the change in the color of the road in the background and that is the state line. Pretty neat, huh?

Illegal CrossingPennsylvania has started out with a pretty good road and hopefully it will stay that way. Pittsburgh looks to be a challenge and we should find out how challenging tomorrow. We are standing at 31 days till New York. If we continue like we have all summer, we should be okay.

We had a great day, weather wise, starting out with a sprinkle and ending up sunny and cool. Right now though, it is raining again. It is hard to believe this walk is almost over.

Miles Covered: 16
Total Miles: 2,765.5
Money Found: $0.52
Total Found: $77.50