Day 194: …A Little Sun

StatuesToday we picked up in Grayville and walked SR 45 past the south side of State College to just east of Boalsburg, PA, home of the modern Memorial Day Observance. Seems back in the mid-1800’s, three sisters started decorating grave sites of local veterans. The idea caught on and eventually became a national holiday. The picture below shows the church and cemetery where it all started. The statue is of the three sisters.

Mark JohnstonI hooked up today with an old friend of sorts. Mark Johnston was the photographer who took pictures of me and shot a short video when I was in the Provo, UT area. He told me he was leaving Utah in about three weeks after the photo shoot and going to State College, PA. Well, guess what – we got in touch with him and he came out and shot some more pictures today while walking about 2 miles with me. He was accompanied by a co-worker, Michelle Bixby. Walking in PennsylvaniaIt was real good to see Mark again and I think we surprised him when we called. Many thanks Mark and Michelle for spending time with us today.

We have had great weather for the last few days and the terrain has been relatively flat as I’ve walked on the low side of a large mountain ridge. I’ve been told it will staty this way for a while. Hope so. I have 15 days of walking left. Hooray.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 2,938
Money Found: $0.00
Total Found: $80.22