Day 195: Pretty Pennsylvania

1013081805aWell the broadband is working tonight and if you checked last night’s blog and didn’t see any pictures, you need to check it again. You have some bonus pics to look at. We’ve gotten into some really pretty areas of PA and the fall colors just enhance the natural beauty. It is rolling hills, small quaint farms (I saw a sign at one yesterday that said it was established in 1793), picturesque little towns, horse drawn buggies, and of course the mountains full of trees. It is a very nice place to be right about now.

Michelle Bixby Interviewing Rick HammersleyMichelle Bixby came out and shot more pictures of me this morning and also did an interview for her newspaper. It should be on the website soon. She also walked 3 miles with me and shot pics the whole time. I can’t for the life of me understand why she wants 200 pictures of a 60-year-old man walking down the wrong side of the road, but I want to thank her for her interest.

It was a gorgeous day today. Low 70’s, slightly humid in thePM, and somewhat overcast. The dump trucks returned today apparently after taking Sunday off. We are currently just east of the small town of Aaronsburg, PA. We are right on schedule to get through PA in another seven days of walking (based on 18 miles/day). Then it is five days in NJ, and then the two days in NYC.

Round Red BarnChris emailed us and said he had some new pics on the photo gallery page. Check it out. Tomorrow we head to Mifflinburg, PA. I hope to hook up on Wednesday with a young fellow who worked with me when he was 15-16 years old (he’s 41 now, I think). Chris A. lives in Bloomsburg, PA, but used to live in Johnson County, Indiana 25 years ago. I don’t think I’ve seen him since then. He plans to walk with me on Wednesday as I make my way through Sunbury. It is really a treat for me to make contact with people I haven’t seen in years as I walk through their neck of the woods. I really appreciate them taking time out and spending it with me.

That’s Michelle with me, some great scenery, and a neat round barn I walked by today.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 2,956
Money Found: $0.20
Total Found: $80.42