Day 197: A Big Milestone Coming Up!

Harvest MoonValda & I continue to be amazed at the generosity of total strangers. It happens again and again and I have blogged about it several times. Today was no exception. We got up and had a rare breakfast out, at a real good country restaurant on the outskirts of Hartleton. After that, the daily routine kicked in and I put in nearly 11 miles before lunch. Valda met a man who makes mobile offices in a couple of barns and he let us sit in the shade in his parking lot. Then it was another 5+ miles and dinner break. Now we were needing water and Valda found a campground in the little town of Winfield, PA that would fit the bill just fine. River Edge RV Camp & Marina is owned by Donna & Dave Steenstra. We not only got our water and other needs addressed, but we got to stay the night too. Thanks to Donna & Dave for comping us a night in their campground on the banks of the Susquehanna River. It is much appreciated.

ThermometerTomorrow we continue on toward Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dog Stand. I can almost taste those hot dogs now. 😀  As you all probably know, the day I end the walk is also the day of the NYC Marathon. We plan on working around that event since I couldn’t get them to work around mine. We will leave the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge at 11:00AM on Sunday and hopefully the bulk of the marathon runners will be past that spot. We aren’t sure about our route to Coney Island since it is the same route the runners will take in the other direction, but we have an alternate route in the works. We will be flexible. If Valda & I have learned anything on this journey, it is to be flexible. It will work out.

Pastoral SceneCheck out the ‘media page’ for the latest and greatest pictures and newspaper article of yours truly. If anyone knows anyone who lives in Hawaii, please let them know about my website and have them log on. Hawaii is the only state missing from our log on list. We’d like to make it all fifty states.

We will be crossing the Susquehanna tomorrow morning and then at about 10:40AM or so, I will walk my 3000th mile. How about them apples?

Pictures: A thermometer in the town of Mifflinburg, Harvest Moon over PA, and a neat pastoral scene that I walked by today.

Miles Covered: 17.75
Total Miles: 2,992
Money Found: $0.27
Total Found: $80.69