Day 199: Coal Country

Coal Town PAFor the last two or three days, I’ve been walking through coal country here in eastern Pennsylvania. As you walk along, sometimes you can see whole mountains being stripped of the black coal it holds. There are small pieces of coal all over the roads, probably having fallen off some of those dump trucks I see all over the place. Most of the towns I walk through are old ‘coal company towns’ with the highway being the main street and row houses lining the street on both sides from one end of the town to the other. The houses used to be ‘company housing’ for the miners and have evolved to what they are today. Sometimes whole blocks are individual homes or business that are all joined together giving it the appearance of one long building. The towns are usually situated on hills and those hills probably hold more coal.

Miles Covered: 13
Total Miles: 3,022.25
Money Found: $0.40
Total Found: $81.47