Day 203: Mountains are Behind Me (I think!)

Last of the MountainsToday might just have been an important day, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow, and then maybe not until I get into NJ. I think I walked up and over my last mountain on the whole walk. Now if that’s true, wouldn’t that be a hoot? I vividly remember coming out of the Rockies just north of Ft. Collins and looking back at the jagged peaks behind me, then looking in front of me at the flat prairie ahead. This was not quite as awe striking, but it ranks right up there as far as accomplishments go. I took a picture of the mountain, and the second picture is the hill which I had walked to take the picture of the mountain (got that?). The third picture is a neat little paved road that Valda took – no significance, just neat.

PA Hill to Take Mountain PicWe are currently in Pleasant Corners, PA, a small town on Route 309 just about 35-40 miles west of the NJ state line at Easton, PA. We are hoping to be in NJ on Thursday evening, but who knows. I tried to figure my schedule last week and got off the first day and then it compounded daily as I didn’t hit 18 miles. So, I’ll get to Jersey when I get to Jersey. We plan to walk Wednesday and Thursday this week and take Friday and Saturday off, but that isn’t etched in stone either. A lot depends on the next two days.

dscf4504Today started off cold, but sunny and quickly went downhill from there. Within about fifteen minutes of taking off, it started raining and did so for the next 2 hours. Not a hard rain, but a cold sprinkle. It was very uncomfortable, but I need to get somewhere and I don’t have the luxury of sitting it out. We managed to get in 17.5 miles today and that wasn’t too bad considering the day. Tomorrow we head toward a small town named Egypt and then Bath. I don’t think we will make Bath, but we should get really close.

Another good day in the ‘money found’ department. Valda found a laundromat in a small town and now I have some clean clothes. That’s always nice. I think we are under ten days walking. Let’s hope so.

Miles Covered: 17.5
Total Miles: 3,071.25
Money Found: $2.30
Total Found: $85.59