Day 204: One More Day in PA

dscf4508As the title suggests, I believe tomorrow I will end the day in another state – New Jersey. I believe we are that close and if I miss it, it won’t be by much. We had a good day of walking today and are currently in Bath, PA. I have found another short cut on my map and will check it out with locals tomorrow morning. If it is a viable route, it should save me another couple of miles. It is very similar to the Snake Road shortcut out of Mount Carmel that I took last Sunday morning.

Not a lot happened today. It was a bitter cold day with a biting wind and I wore my toboggan and hood on my sweatshirt almost all day. The ‘money found’ took a bit of a hit today, but what do you expect? Today all those round spots on the road were chewing gum or washers, where yesterday they were coins. There was a lot of loose corn on the road today too and that didn’t help. Now I know what you’re thinking and yes I know the difference between a kernel of corn and a penny – the corn is worth more.

Barn Cut Thru for RoadI didn’t take too many pictures today (too cold), but the one showing the barn with the white truck is interesting. The driver of the truck said the road was put through in 1937 and when they did, they tore down half of the barn. As far as he knew, the barn had never been hit, but I find that hard to believe. That corner was in pretty good shape though, but it would not surprise me if it has been rebuilt a time or two.  The other picture was taken last night where we spent our dinner break.

Tomorrow it on toward Easton and then the Delaware River. We are going to try to get to Hwy 57 in NJ. The route we are taking in NJ is Hwy 57 up to where it connects with US 46. We take US 46 all the way to the GW Bridge. Simple, and it keeps me from walking through Newark.

Miles Covered: 18
Total Miles: 3,089.25
Money Found: $0.47
Total Found: $86.06