Day 205: I’m a Jersey Boy!

Crossing into New JerseyI can’t sing like Frankie Valli, but boy did I like to listen to him. I wonder if his high notes hurt his throat as much as it hurt my ears? Well, as you might have gathered, I’m in New Jersey. We crossed over at about 3:45 PM yesterday and though I didn’t get a picture of a sign welcoming us to NJ, Valda did get a picture of me crossing over the bridge at Easton/Phillipsburg. I talked to Charlie, a policeman on duty at the bridge to keep overweight vehicles away, and he told me the bridge is one of two identical bridges (the other one is in Budapest, Hungary) and that it was built in 1895. It is still in use today and is a rather nice looking bridge compared to a lot of others I’ve seen. Anyway, I crossed over it and then I was in state # 12 and PA was behind me.dscf4516

I ask everyone I run into how far NYC is and most everyone says it is an hour away, so that means it can be anywhere from 50-80 miles away, depending on how fast you drive. An hour for me is 3 miles, so I guess my answer doesn’t apply. I’m going to look closely at the map today and just see how many days away it is and hope I don’t use all six days allotted to get there. It would really be nice to have next Friday off.

By anyone’s measure though, the walk is winding down. dscf4398I probably have four or five days walking in NJ, and then the two in NYC. Next Monday I’ll probably wake up and wonder what I’m going to do next. I don’t have a definitive answer to that one yet, but I’m working on it.

As soon as I get it all figured out, we will get the Pennsylvania stats on the blog. Other than that, there will be no more blogs till Sunday night. The pictures are of me leaving PA and a couple of shots of country I just walked through.

Miles Covered: 15
Total Miles: 3,104.25
Money Found: $0.88
Total Found: $86.94