Pennsylvania Stats!

Through PennsylvaniaI made it across Pennsylvania! It was something I thought about for over a year and now I’m done with it. It was quite a challenge, but with a lot of help, I finally figured it out. PA was a state of contrasts. Generally everyone we met was helpful and good to us and interested in what we were doing. However, it is the first state where we were refused water (GoGo Gas station right inside the line from WV), and a place to spend the night (Frackville post of the PA State Police). Mostly it was a great experience. SR 45 from Altoona to Mifflinberg is a great highway to walk or drive. It was a three-week period that is now behind me and I’m glad I don’t have to walk back through the state going the other direction.

Here are the stats on my walk through Pennsylvania:

  • Miles Walked: 340
  • Average Miles per Day: 17
  • Total Miles Walked: 3,103
  • % of Walk Completed: 97%
  • Days Walked: 20
  • Days Off: 3
  • Money Found: $9.44
  • Average Money Found per Day: $0.47
  • Average Money Found per Mile: $0.03
  • Counties Walked Through: 14 (Washington, Allegheny, Westmoreland, Indiana, Cambria, Blair, Mifflin, Centre, Union, Northumberland, Columbia, Schuylkill, Lehigh and Northhampton)
  • State Highways: 9
  • US Highways: 2
  • County Roads: 6
  • Major Bridges Crossed: 2.5 (Monongahela, Susquehanna, half of Delaware)
  • Most Unusual Find: Fire extinguisher (one of those big clunky kinds you see hanging on walls of old buildings)