Day 210: Snowed Out!

Snowed Out in NJThere isn’t a whole lot I can say about today except I’m glad it’s finally about over. I woke up this morning after listening to it rain off and on all night (between dozes). I had resigned myself to have a day in the rain but when we pulled the cover from the front window, were we surprised to see snow. We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t get too good of TV reception last night but what we did hear did not say a word about snow. Now, I can generally take the snow, but the rain, the cold, and the 20-30 miles per hour winds that accompanied it today was a bit too much. So, we stopped after 5 miles and checked into a motel room – just to take advantage of a hot shower and the heat from a reliable furnace. Our RV has a good furnace, but we are running a bit low on propane and frankly I just wanted to be in a motel during all this snow.

RV Covered in SnowLike I said, I did 5 miles and for the first three quarters of a mile, I had to walk in yards and where ever I could just to stay off the road (absolutely no shoulder). Then I hit a stretch of road that had 4-6′ of shoulder and then all I had to do was try to stay out of the water that was going into the storm sewers (not too successfully I might add). After a couple of hours, I finally had had enough and called Valda to save the day. I was thoroughly drenched despite having bought a ‘water proof’ rain coat and rain pants. So, that was my day in a nutshell. :/

The TV says more of the same for tomorrow, but I’ve now ran out of extra days and I have to walk. I’m not too sure where we are, but it is 5 miles east of where we were last night on US 46. Chris drove over yesterday from NYC on 46 and said it was about 57 miles to the bridge. Since then, I’ve walked about 13 of those, so I have a ways to go to get there. No luxury of a motel room tomorrow.

Thanks to Joe L. who owns the Allstate Insurance Agency. Joe let us stay all night in his parking lot.  The pictures show what we faced today. Notice how light the snow was when I started.

Miles Covered: 5
Total Miles: 3,138.5
Money Found: $0.30
Total Found: $93.25