Day 211: No NYC Mountains Yet

Getting Closer to NYCEvery time I turn a corner or top a hill I look to see the snow covered peaks of NYC. I’m still about 30 miles out, so really don’t expect to see them until Friday. But it’s fun looking. Today straightened up weather wise. It was sunny off and on and cold, but no snow, thank goodness. Yesterday reminded me why I live in the south. I’ve been toying around with my walking schedule some more and think I have hit on a good combination. I walk three segments of two hours each and take about an hour and a half off in between. If it all goes as planned, I usually end up walking around 6:00PM, just as it is getting dark. I haven’t hit it perfect yet, but I keep trying. Just four more walking days left.

The terrain has been relatively flat with a occasional hill or two thrown in. It seems I’ve been in constant commercial areas for the last couple of days. On my map, I’ve hit the dark orange area denoting city, and it is constant until I get to Coney Island.

Not too much happened today, walk wise. We just keep plugging along and hoping the next mile marker is just up ahead. It has been somewhat of a challenge to get up and go out and walk especially in the cold. But, it’s almost over and a good week’s sleep might just take care of what ails me. Once more it is time to hit the hay and once more I can hardly wait.

As you can see (in the picture yesterday), Valda & I were visited by my grandson’s friend, Flat Stanley.  He came and spent an afternoon with us.  Has he visited you yet?

Miles Covered: 14
Total Miles: 3,152.5
Money Found: $2.99
Total Found: $96.24