New Jersey Stats!

finish-at-coney-islandNew Jersey. I had dreaded walking through this state from the beginning, mainly due to what other people had said about the state. But, like so many times before, I was listening when I should have been just experiencing. The people I met there are just fantastic, from the Boy Scouts who walked with me to people we met on the streets. I was in a great deal of urban areas, but I was also in a great deal of beautiful country. I battled some inclement weather and an uncomfortable medical condition, but other than that, my experience in New Jersey was top notch. I especially liked the lower gasoline prices. New Jersey rocks!

Here are the stats on my walk through New Jersey:

  • Miles Walked: 80.75
  • Average Miles per Day: 14.75
  • Total Miles Walked: 3,183.75
  • % of Walk Completed: 99.3%
  • Days Walked: 5.5
  • Days Off: 2.5
  • Money Found: $13.54
  • Average Money Found per Day: $2.46
  • Average Money Found per Mile: $0.17
  • Counties Walked Through: 5 (Warren, Morris, Passaic, Bergen and Essex)
  • State Highways: 1
  • US Highways: 2
  • County Roads: 0
  • Major Bridges Crossed: .5 (Delaware River) .5 (Hudson River)
  • Most Unusual Find: Paint ball mask