Day 214: What Can I Say…I’m in NYC!

Welcome to NYYes, the Empire State is now where I am and as of right now, I have one day (about 9-10 miles by some accounts) left and then it is the splash in the Atlantic. Today was a long day of walking across the George Washington Bridge, finding Broadway and meeting up with my three brothers from Indianapolis, then walking down Broadway all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge, and finally taking about an hour to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, taking pictures every so often of the incredible skylines around me. What a day. 😀

Rick & Val Hammersley Arrive in New York via GW BridgeMy daughter Syndi and grandson Nic are here from Oklahoma, Valda’s sister Lyra is here from Atlanta, Chris’ roommate’S Charlie and Olivia are here from Seattle, and various friends of Chris from around NYC are popping up all over the place. I do appreciate all of the efforts these people have gone through to make this couple of days memorable for me. It is much appreciated.

Today was just delightful. It was a long day of walking through the city and the crowds were sometimes a bear to handle, but we managed not to get too lost and we got down to the Brooklyn Bridge okay, tired but eager for tomorrow to get here.Hammersley Brothers Walking Broadway in NYC

I’ve gotten a lot of inquires from a lot of people about my recent health issues. Right now, I’m not sure what is wrong. I went to the ER last Sunday and the doctor did some tests and then a CT scan. The doc told me the CT scan showed a mass in my lower intestine and they wanted to keep me for further tests. Now, it remains to be seen if I made the right decision or not, but I declined, telling him I needed to get to NY and as soon as the walk is over, Valda & I are headed for Oklahoma City to check into tRick Hammersley in front of Seinfeld Restauranthe VA complex there. Right now it could be anything from diverticulitis to scar tissue to a tumor. I promise I will continue blogging to you through all of this. Having had colon cancer once, I tend to get nervous about something in my colon that’s not right. I sure could use your thoughts and prayers right about now.

Tomorrow is it. I believe there will be a host of people walking tomorrow. CBS is coming out tomorrow morning for some sort of interview, and the president of the Borough of Brooklyn is scheduled to come out and meet me sometime in the afternoon. It’s all coming together it seems.Rick Hammersley on the Brooklyn Bridge

Thanks to Sue G. of Forest Park, GA for matching my ‘money found’. Sue, it is very appreciated and many thanks to you.

Thanks to Brooklyn Bridge Marriott for their hospitality and cheerful smiles. Thanks especially to Virrbai at the front desk for the bottle of wine and cheesecake tray. We certainly feel welcome and many thanks to everyone for making our stay memorable.




The pictures are pretty self explanatory. More tomorrow.

Miles Covered: 14.25
Total Miles: 3,196.25
Money Found: $0.30
Total Found: $100.77