Day 66: Wanna Buy a Generator?!?!

Yesterday the generator died and would not restart no matter what I did. So – we are now sitting in the Cummins/Onan service center in Grand Junction, CO (seems like I’ve done this before) waiting until tomorrow morning when they can look at it. The one good thing about it is that the generator is only six weeks old, so I think this repair is on them (I hope).  😳

We drove over from Roosevelt, UT this morning. We woke up to rain again and were thinking about taking the day off anyway. Since the generator still didn’t start this AM, our decision was made for us. On the way over we stopped in Dinosaur, CO for a cup of coffee for me and a Post Office visit for Valda. She came back to the RV and handed me a check. Seems Milly in the P.O. was so impressed with what we are doing she gave Valda a goodly sum of money to be used for gasoline purchase. At the price of gas around here, it will come in handy. Thanks, Milly!

The next day I walk, or the day after that, I should go over the 1000 mile mark! I think I’ll surpass $30.00 in ‘money found’ before I leave Utah also!