Day 67: Fixed and On Our Way!

Well, the generator is fixed once again. It seems there was a broken valve spring and retainer, but no other damage. I’m glad it wouldn’t start or we might have damaged a piston or something else inside the engine. Anyway, I really want to thank the good people at Cummins Rocky Mountain in Grand Junction, CO for their prompt and professional work they performed. I dealt with Beth Cox there and she kept me informed on what was wrong and what was being done. Many thanks to her and her co-workers. I expressed my feelings yesterday about Onan and they really haven’t changed, but that in no way reflects the way I feel about the people at Cummins R.M.

Douglas Pass, Colorado

A view of Douglas Pass, Colorado

The drive to and from Grand Junction was on CO Hwy 139. We had to go over Douglas Pass and the drive was very pretty with a lot of varied scenery. Yesterday it was very overcast and a lot of the beauty was lost to us. Today we saw what we missed. The pictures below are of the top of the pass, some moose we saw, and some very strange round holes in the sides of the rocks along part of the trip.  If anyone knows why these holes are there and what made them, I’d like to know.


I’ll resume the Walk tomorrow.