Day 68: A Day of Contrasts

Rick Making Some New Friends

Rick Making Some New Friends

Once again, we woke up to rain. Actually, it didn’t start raining until around 7:10. I went out in it at 7:40. What a mess. It rained all morning and luckily I had wide shoulders and sidewalks in Roosevelt, so I didn’t get too wet from trucks. I spent about forty minutes in McDonalds nursing a cup of coffee before I set out on the last hour before lunch. After lunch and a break, the skies cleared up and the afternoon was just terrific.

We made it through Roosevelt and will make it through Vernal tomorrow. We figure we are about three days away from Colorado. I’m getting antsy. It seems like forever getting across Utah and it is mostly because of the rain delays we’ve had.

It was good mostly flat walking today, with a couple of small uphills and downhills. Tomorrow as I approach Vernal, there is a several mile uphill getting into the city. Once into Vernal and through it, the walk is mainly flat to CO. Tomorrow I’ll hit 1,000 miles! 😀 Can’t wait.

Miles Covered: 17 (in the rain)
Total Miles: 995.5
Money Found: $2.90
Total Found: $31.64