Day 69: 1,000 Miles and Counting!

Sometime around 9:00 AM this morning I walked my 1,000th mile. 🎉🎉🎉

Valda wasn’t there to toot the horn, the clouds didn’t part with dazzling sunshine, and as a matter of fact, I didn’t even give it a thought as I walked between miles 4 and 5 for the day. Anyway I wanted to share some stats associated with me walking 1,000 miles. When I was playing with the calculator, the enormity of these numbers just jumped out at me. No wonder I’m so tired. 😜

1,000 miles =5,280,000 feet = 2,112,000 thirty-inch steps = 1,056,000 steps for each foot = 63,360,000 total inches = 3 blisters. Now how’s that for some numbers – and I’m not a third of the way across yet!

I’ve found a total of $33.89 for the first thousand miles, and that averages out to not quite 3.4 cents a mile. The last couple of days here in Utah have helped boost that figure. 💰💰💰

Something really strange happened to me today. I was on a shortcut across the south end of Vernal, UT while Valda was restocking at Wal-Mart. I was walking through a somewhat rural area with houses on each side. I was walking up to a stop sign and a pick-up truck was turning toward me from the cross street. I wasn’t paying too much attention to it and, as it turned, the driver stopped and said to me, “I see you’re still walking.” It was Scott, the driver of the overturned car from five days ago. I couldn’t believe it. He pulled over and we chatted for a minute. He had to spend two days in jail and pay an $800.00 fine for not having a driver’s license. His car is totaled (see picture on blog titled ‘Excitement all around‘), but he is okay health-wise. I was really glad to see him, and I really think he was glad he ran into me too. 😀

We are at a campground in Vernal for the night. Tomorrow we start the last 25 miles or so to Colorado. We may not have broadband tomorrow. The picture below was taken in the Indian Canyon. If you look real hard, you’ll see me in this picture – walking of course!

Miles Covered: 19
Total Miles: 1,014.5
Money Found: $2.25
Total Found: $33.89